ANDURA© Wall Coatings

Andura© Wall Coatings

Since 1985, Andura has been manufacturing specialist long life external coatings for the protection and decoration of homes throughout the UK.

Today, Andura manufactures a wide range of products for the maximal protection and decoration of external building surfaces. Supplying the UK and throughout Europe with long life specialist applied coatings,  Andura has an excellent track record in large commercial projects and home improvements.

Why Andura?

Andura coating is manufactured using resin as well as paint. This makes the final finish 20 times thicker than usual masonry paint finishes, but still allows the render coat to breathe while maintaining an extremely high level of protection from the elements.

The trouble with using traditional exterior house paints is that they don’t stand the test of time. You have the inconvenience of regularly maintaining the exterior of your home and then every few years you have the cost of getting the decorators back in to repaint it. within a few years, an Andura Coating will have saved you a considerable amount of time and expense.

AHI Group is now a regulated Andura Contractor, supplying south wales with the highest standard of external finishes, protecting your home from all external elements.

A Simple 5 Stage Application Process

Your home can be fully protected in just 5 simple application steps:

1. Preparation: Removal of dirt, mould, algae and loose paint by power washing, wire brushing and scraping. Treat areas where mould and algae has been removed with Andura Biocide.

2. Masking Up: All doors, windows and paths are masked with heavy duty paper, window film, dust sheets and protective coverings.

3. Restoration & repairs: Repair damaged render. Blown render and cracks to be cut out and re-rendered to match the existing. Brickwork can be bag-rubbed with SBR mortar mix to hide imperfections but retain it’s natural brick appearance.

4. Primer / Base Coat: Classic Primer performance base coat applied to masonry to provide excellent adhesion and extreme weather-proofing.

5. Application: The final stage is the application. Andura Coatings are applied by roller or specialist spray equipment.

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